Friday, March 27, 2009

Why do doctors....

Always have a nurse call and say "we've got your test results back and need to see you right's NEXT wednesday?" gee thanks doc, now I'll sit here for the next 5 days wondering wtf is wrong with me!

Went for blood work, obviously my test results are its pins and needles til next fing wednesday. I guess if I was dieing they wouldn't be making me wait right?

I'm all about the drama these days..after I posted about not being about drama...what kind of crap is that? Thanks Universe for shoving that one right back up my nose! Geesh...a little warning next time would be nice...


  1. Nice ... why can't they tell you over the phone? My OB once gave me bad news over the phone and to be honest I was quite glad I was at home where I could just go cry my eyes out alone.


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