Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cita - what???

So - you have to love insurance companies. 

My insurance doesn't cover Lexapro. They don't cover anything that isn't generic. Lexapro costs $106. Yep... call the Doc.

I've been prescribed Citalopram. It's apparently the generic form of Celexa, which is apparently the "non-updated" version of Lexapro. The company who makes Lexapro made Celexa years ago. When the patent expired, they refined it, and made Lexapro. Didn't wanna lose out on any cash, right? ;)

Can I tell you that this in itself started a panic?? Why couldn't things just go smoothly? Ugh... I research Citalopram - only to find out that it's basically more or less for depression. I'm not depressed though... call the Doc.

He says it's also for panic - so basically, just take the damn pill already!!!

Was I stalling?? Maybe... 

So - I was supposed to start with 5mg for six days, and on the seventh day take my 10mg pill.
And what do I do?? I'm so freaked and panicked about taking this pill that I took the whole damn 10mg on my first night. Now I'm freaking that my side effects are going to be awful and that I'm going to go all depressed and crap. What the hell was I thinking??

What do I do tomorrow?? Go down to the 5mg or stay at 10mg?? I'm so confused and so freaking panicked!!!!!


  1. Just call your doc to find out what's best:0)

  2. It was just one pill. Go back to the 5 mg and follow the instructions. Most all of the SSRI's are for anxiety too. You'll be good!

  3. Go back to the 5 mg, don't worry it'll be ok. And the anti-depressants are also for anxiety. I'm doing a post today about meds...maybe it can shed some light for you...



  4. Hmmm. Wish I knew more to offer advice. I know you'll find the best solution for yourself.


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